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Jonathan L. Reese  &  Pseudo-Ersatz

BFA in fine arts and graphic design with 25+ years of design/illustration experience.

Based in Minneapolis/Twin-Cities. Able to work remotely.

One of four owner/operators of Otherworldly Arts Collective.

One of five partners with Northstar Printing Studio.

Skill set includes graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, screen print.

Experienced in producing logos, mailers, packaging, editorial layout, displays, online graphics.

Knowledgeable with Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign/Acrobat/Illustrator/Photoshop.

My awards include multiple UCDA Awards for Excellence, several CASE awards

(as well as a Grand Gold), two Scholastic Keys for art, and dozens of event contest awards.

I have hosted, partnered in, or been featured in several gallery and art events, including
work with Gamut Gallery, Art Spaces, NEMA, Casket Arts, and Q.arma.

On the side, I am an avid bicycle hobbyist, a house plant hoarder (before it was cool),

I do not have any fear of public speaking, I will customize everything I get my hands on,
and I've been vegan long enough to not make that anyone's problem.

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